IPacket’s Managed WiFi service is comprised of an expertly engineered WiFi network, proactive network monitoring and management that is compatible with nearly every brand of Access Point, and boasts 24/7 US-based customer and technical support for all WiFi users.

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This is not a cookie cutter solution. Think of our Wi-Fi service as a meticulously built, custom-finished home. It looks nothing like other houses, its doors and windows are securely protected and lawn diligently maintained, the finishes are thoughtful and purposeful, and its warranty keeps everything running efficiently and looking new year after year.

Our Managed Wi-Fi service can be tailored to serve the unique needs of every industry, from apartment communities and condos, to enterprises, hotels, and more. And through relationships with nearly every major fiber provider in the United States, our footprint is nationwide.

We believe a user satisfying WiFi experience begins with a solid foundation of an expertly engineered design, sophisticated security elements at both the network and device level, and hardware chosen by how well it fits the deployment needs, not because of vendor relationships or software compatibility limitations.

What sets our Managed WiFi service apart is IPacket’s proprietary, years-in-the-making monitoring and management software. Utilizing industry-standard protocols, IPacket developed custom software to remotely monitor, manage and gather statistics on the most critical components of a WiFi network. Our software is focused on identifying potential threats before they affect the end user, while then simultaneously raising flags at the NOC to begin instant problem resolution.

Advanced bandwidth and capacity monitoring are another integral feature set of our custom software. Several times a minute, every Access Point is polled to record and store the data consumption and health of each device. This information is used to ensure speed guarantees are met, and bandwidth to each customer site is appropriately serving the data demand.

When it comes to vendor management and systems integration, IPacket manages all the moving parts that go into your network. From RMA’ing failed equipment and troubleshooting multi-vendor hardware integrations, to working with fiber providers during an outage, IPacket is your single point of contact for interfacing with every vendor or supplier.

Managed WiFi, network monitoring, network management

Custom Design

A thoughtfully engineered WiFi network built to serve the unique needs of your business and users.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

Around-the-clock network monitoring/ management and customer support from our friendly US-based technicians.

Guaranteed Speeds

The speed that's agreed is the speed you stream. Guaranteed WiFi upload & download speeds without consumption limits.

Highly Secure & Reliable

Enterprise-grade security measures at the network and device level and a self-healing architecture to mitigate issues.

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