IPacket’s Managed IoT service is a comprehensive, customizable solution that expertly monitors, manages and integrates IoT devices, from IP cameras, locks and thermostats, to entire Smart Home or Office networks.

Managed IoT

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is a broad concept that at its core means connecting all the devices in the world to the internet. WiFi-enabled IoT devices are quickly infiltrating the market and making every day processes more efficient and automated. 

Small to large businesses, hospitality and residential industries are quickly seeing the benefits of a “smart” environment. From improving security, safety and ease of accessibility to saving on energy costs, and fostering more proficient connectivity among users from anywhere in the world, IoT devices can have a meaningful impact. 


IPacket’s Managed Services encompass not only Managed WiFi, but also the ecosystem of IoT devices. Our expertly crafted, propriety monitoring and management software platforms can be customized to remotely monitor, manage and support nearly any type of IoT network.

Managed IoT can streamline everything from setup and provisioning, to ongoing monitoring, management and real time updates made to the hundreds of smart locks, thermostats and water sensors in a hotel, or IP cameras and access control system in a commercial property.

Managed WiFi, network monitoring, network management

Custom Network

A thoughtfully engineered IoT device network built to serve the unique needs of your business, guests or customers.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

Around-the-clock network monitoring/ management and customer support from our friendly US-based technicians.

Highly Secure & Reliable

Enterprise-grade security measures at the network and device level and a self-healing architecture to mitigate issues.

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