IP networks built to the highest standard, serving as the cornerstone of highly secure and integrated Managed Services.

IPacket Networks was created on the pretense that the most capable applications and service offerings are a direct result of the quality of the core network. Our belief was that eventually all communication technology would utilize IP, and in order for independent applications to work cohesively, the IP network must be intelligent, robust and extremely flexible.

Our networks are engineered to support sophisticated security measures so that only acceptable inquiries can penetrate our applications. We constantly scrutinize communication between elements and restrict unauthorized access so components operate at maximum efficiency.

There are many approaches to deploying analog and IP based applications. At IPacket we provide specialized engineering to produce a protocol-based solution built to the highest quality-of-service standards so that all applications can be transported across a common, IP network infrastructure. As a result, our applications and services are highly efficient, cost-sensitive, scalable and reliable. 

By deploying IPacket’s integrated IP network approach, the network drives the applications versus applications driving independent networks. This being the case, new applications may be added seamlessly and inexpensively when requested (e.g. WiFi, IoT, VoIP, Video, Cameras, etc.). Conversely, when applications drive the requirement for independent infrastructure, cost/time-to-market/support requirements increase, while flexibility/customer satisfaction decreases.

IPacket's Integrated IP Network Approach






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