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WiFi & Voice


We advise that under all circumstances the customer contact their previous internet and/or voice provider to cancel service once IPacket notifies that your new IPacket voice or WiFi service is active.

IPacket operates by a “guaranteed” WiFi speed philosophy. Unless your property has agreed upon an “up to” speed offering, IPacket guarantees that each customer will receive upload and download speeds AT the contracted speed.

To find out the contracted WiFi speed at your property, please visit your sign up page, contact your CAM, OA office, or IPacket.

No, IPacket does not limit the amount of WiFi data you can consume/ download, or restrict the number of devices that can be connected to a WiFi network. You will never be charged a fee for the amount of data used or devices connected.

Yes, IPacket allows you to keep your current telephone number, or we can assign a new telephone number for your voice service. Keeping your current number requires that you sign and submit the Letter of Agency Form to permit IPacket to “Port” your telephone number to our network from your current service provider.

Number porting requires that you provide proof of ownership of your telephone number in the form of a current telephone bill or invoice. This document must be submitted to IPacket along with the Letter of Agency Form.

Please be advised that the number porting process can take 2-4 weeks, depending on how quickly your service providers releases your number. After your number is released to IPacket we can activate your voice service.

Yes, we prefer to personally confirm the activation of voice service for all new customers. The best way to do this is to enter the property and verify operation. In the event that is not possible, alternate service activation procedures may be followed. If access is not available, please contact IPacket Support at to make alternate arrangements.

IPacket’s long distance plan includes unlimited calling to the continental US and Canada (Alaska and Hawaii are not included). Inbound and outbound calls to/from any other country, reverse party tolls and international calls are restricted.

Yes, our standard local telephone service restricts all long distance calls, tolls and reverse party charging to your account. You will never incur an additional unexpected charge on your local (or long distance) telephone bill.

IPacket believes in providing a feature-rich voice service at a lesser price than what our competitors charge for their basic level service. While we cannot predict if our price will be higher or lower after 12 months, we can say that we will not be undersold for similar services.

The listed price for IPacket’s services includes most of the miscellaneous fees and charges that are explicitly charged by other carriers at the end of their invoices. The only additional fee that IPacket charges, or adds onto your bill, is a state/ county communications tax added to voice bills, which generally comes out to 10-13%, depending on where you live. Otherwise, there are no hidden fees, taxes or charges.

The listed price for IPacket’s services includes most of the miscellaneous fees and charges that are explicitly charged by other carriers at the end of their invoices. For individual residential WiFi customers (who pay IPacket directly), there is currently no required state or federal WiFi tax, so your WiFi bill will not include any additional or hidden fees, taxes, or charges

IPacket invoices on a quarterly basis. The month before a new quarter, we distribute invoices to customers for three months of service.  If you sign up for service in the middle of a quarter, you will be sent a pro-rated invoice upon service activation for the amount of time remaining in the current billing period. 

Customer Billing Schedule: 

  • December 1 – Bill for service in January, February & March
  • March 1 – Bill for service in April, May & June
  • June 1 – Bill for service in July, August & September
  • September 1 – Bill for service in October, November & December

If you start or end service in the middle of a quarterly billing cycle IPacket will either pro-rate your bill, or issue a refund to the original payment method.

In the spirit of conservation and efficiency, we strongly encourage customers to make payments electronically via auto-draft or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX). Although, we do still accept checks sent in the mail. 

To enroll in auto-draft or credit card payments, please download, complete and submit the appropriate forms found in the above “Customer Forms” section on this page.