E911 Voice over IP Notice to Customers

The FCC recently issued its order on the provision E911 services that includes a requirement that service providers notify their Customers of the limitations on any Voice over IP service. As a Customer of IPacket Networks voice services, you should be aware that emergency dialing (E911) may not be available under certain circumstances, as described below:

  1. If you move the IP-compatible equipment that you use to access the service, (whether a phone or personal computer or other device, softphone, etc…), from the registered location, as specified in your order form. Each phone number is registered in a national database (the “ALI Database”) to a specific site address for emergency response purposes. If you dial E911 from a remote location using the Service, emergency personnel will respond to the registered site location listed in the ALI Database. They will not be able to identify or track your remote location; or
  2. If you are using a number for a location that is outside the Rate Center to which the number is assigned (e.g., a non-native telephone number); or
  3. If there is a failure of your broadband connection, (no matter who is your broadband service provider), or loss of electrical power; or
  4. If you fail to timely notify IPacket Networks of a change to the registered location for any number assigned to you in connection with the service so that the ALI Database can be updated in a timely manner.